Australia vs Puerto Rico

See the predictions of Australia vs Puerto Rico before their last games. In their last match, Australia and Puerto Rico will go head-to-head. The Australian team is already 2-0 in the series. When they face Puerto Rico next, they will aim to end their campaign in group games with a victory.

Puerto Rico, It surprised everyone when they qualified for the Olympics. However, they were the least strong of all. Despite being that, they performed very well against big teams like China and Belgium. Now, with their final games in the group stage, they are ready to face the mighty Australian team.

Australia vs Puerto Rico team preview

Team Australia they are quite negative. They lost 2 of their games in the back-to-back Olympics against China and Belgium in their previous games. They lost to China by a 2-point whisker margin. Despite such a disappointing performance, Australia is everyone’s safe team. They are a balanced squad compared to debutants.

Puerto Rico has already lost its two games to China and Belgium. Despite being the rookies, they put up a good fight in response to the opponents. Despite their defeat, they have surprised all the other teams with their zeal and confidence in the match.

Australia vs Puerto Rico Lineup Forecast and Starting 5s

The Australian starters will be Sara Blicavs, Cayla George, Leilani Mitchell, Ezi Magbegor and Tess Magden. His bench options would be Tessa Lavey, Marianna Tolo, Katie-Rae Ebzery, Alanna Smith, Rebecca Allen, Jenna O’Hea and Stephanie Talbot.

Puerto Rico will start with Dayshalee Salaman, Jackie Benitez, Pamela Rosado, Sabrina Lozada-Cabbage and Isalys Quinones. Their rotation will be Tayra Meléndez, Michelle González, Jada Shanice Stinson, India Pagan, Jazmon Gwathmey and Alison Gibson.

Predictions Australia vs Puerto Rico

The next game between Australia vs Puerto Rico would be an easy match for the Australian team. They are without a victory as of now. This could be Australia’s maiden victory at the Tokyo Olympics. Puerto Rico needs a very strong performance to be able to give them a tough fight. Look at the predictions of Australia vs Puerto Rico and choose your team.

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