China vs Belgium

See the China vs Belgium predictions here. The Chinese team is having the best Olympic race in its history. They have won 2 of their games so far and will play their last group games against the Belgian team on Monday. China has been a better team in all respects and their decisive game will be something not to be missed.

Belgium The team has also had a similar case at the Olympics. They have also secured 2 of the wins in their last 2 games against Australia and Puerto Rico. It is the strongest team in Group C and will be looking to end its last group match with a victory against China.

China vs Belgium team preview

The Chinese team always has the best advantage. They won a very close match against Australia by 2 points. A 74-76 victory over Australia helped them push Puerto Rico as well. They defeated Puerto Rico 55-97 in their last game. They are a better team in all aspects. The Chinese team has had a lower turnover rate with its best performance in this edition of the Olympic Games.

Belgium is priced similarly to China. They won 2 of their last games quite comfortably. They won 87-52 against Puerto Rico and 70-85 against Australia. Belgium have a much better squad and a balanced line-up. They are currently at the top of the group. While they wish to end their group games on a high note, porcelain it would be a great barrier.

China vs Belgium Lineup forecast and starting fifth

The Chinese starters will be Huang Sijing, Zhang Ru, Sun Mengran, Li Yuan and Pan Zhenqi. His rotation players will be Shao Ting, Li Meng, Han Xu, Yang Liwei, Li Yueru and Wang Siyu.

The fifth Belgian starter will be Kim Mestdagh, Billie Massey, Ann Wauters, Julie Vanloo and Julie Allemand. Jana Raman, Hanne Mestdagh, Emma Meesseman, Haleen Nauwelaers, Kyara Linskens, and Antonia Delaere.

Predictions China vs Belgium

The Belgian team will be a better contender in the next game. His game against China will be difficult. Both teams currently have 2 wins each. Your conclusive group match will decide whether Belgium or China will lead the group. This will be the Belgium game. See the China vs Belgium predictions before your game.

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