Spain vs France

This is how you can watch the live broadcast of Spain vs France before their quarterfinal game. Team Spain has finally managed to make their preliminary round of 3 wins one step ahead. After their successful performance in the group stage, they have now entered the quarter-finals. They will face France before their decisive match.

France has had a great performance at this year’s Olympics. Defense at times for France has been a problem, and it cannot be something that disappoints them in this game, or they will lose this game in spectacular fashion. Much will be in Sandrine Gruda to lead his team to the semifinals.

Spain vs France team preview

The Spain team They have been on a 3 win streak. However, it has only been Astou Ndour who has been performing for the Spanish team. Aside from her, there hasn’t been a huge contribution for the whole team. However, Spain cannot rely only on it. More than that player like Raquel Carrera and Matie Cazrola, being veteran players, have to show their position to make the most of the good squad they have at the moment.

France, who went 1-2 during group play, but still have a chance in the knockout round. They won against Nigeria and Japan in their efforts in the group stage. Players like Sandrine Gruda and Gabby Williams have been really impressive. They need to step on the accelerator to match the veteran players of the Spanish team.

Live Streaming of Spain vs France – Match Schedules

Date Weather Time zone
4th August 8:00 AM ET
4th August 12:00 PM GMT
4th August 5:30 PM IST
4th August 9:00 pm JST

Where will the Spanish vs France women’s quarterfinals be played?

The live broadcast of Spain vs France of the quarterfinal match will be played at the Saitama Super Arena, Saitama in Japan. The arena will host all games, including subsequent rounds.

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